Thursday, 21 January 2016

♡ New Twitter

♡ Happy New Year! 

Its been a while again since I wrote a blog post, but I have written down several ideas already for this year to produce better and useful blog posts ^^

This year didn't start well as I caught a cold and had a badly cough...

Also, I have made the decision of re-branding La Petite Fille into a more retro/mature/girly/not so pink brand. I basically got bored of making printed dresses and wants to go back to use couture techniques to make dresses. 
Still in progress with the designs but the apparel range will also be launching soon so everything is pretty exciting! 

I will also be designing a new website for LPF because it's getting old and

Had a great time in HK with my lolita friends and took away lots of new ideas, 2016 should be a great year to look forward to~

Today I just started out my new twitter account : crystal_lapetit
My old one was kinda abandoned and I guess I didn't understand it back then
Anyways, fresh new start!


  1. Hi Crystal! I've just found your brand and I want to say that it is really cute ♥
    I would like to have my own brand too, I'm working hard but I need to improve more & more ~ I love to find other people who have the same passion like me >3<
    By the way I wish you the best! ^-^ You have such a romantic and lovely style ♥

    1. Hello Silvia,

      Thank you for the compliments!
      If you have enough passion then starting your own brand is quite easy ^^
      Nice to meet you and i wish you the best as well <3