Sunday, 17 April 2016

LPF. reopen

It's been another three months of no blog posts, shame on me.
But actually I have been working hard on the new LPF. website!
Throughout the pass half year I have looked back on my past works and designs, and for some reason I wasn't impressed with all of them.
I realised that I had to step out of the J-fashion world to be my true self and make something that is exactly whats on my mind.
So after a long consideration I have decided to put the elements and historical references from Rococo periods to my favourite Hollywood golden age in order to create a new set of designs and clothing.

I really hope the new LPF. will bring in more creative work for girls who like classic styles as much as I do, and I do hope that every visitor can see that the new website has more to offer than the last one.

It was quite difficult for me to start fresh for the website part because I am a total idiot on CSS and code, but with a little bit of help I could finally stop relying on people to do the layout work for me.
I am so glad that its looking exactly like how I would have wanted it to be a year ago, at the end it was definitely worth a try.

In comparison to La Petite Fille, I would say LPF. right now represent me as who I am for a long time. As much as I loved Lolita fashion and Fairy kei for the last couple of years, i don't feel like it grows within me, as I become older I prefer clothing with a bit of twist that could be added to a lifestyle wardrobe rather than being OTT and super kawaii.

In the new LPF. ranges there is a section of vintage clothing that I have been collecting myself through the past few years, I adored these clothing but most of them are unworn and so the best way is to give them a second chance for someone who will like them.

Out of all the ranges I am super excited about the Atelier range, as everything in there will be handmade by myself with a range of different sizes to choose from, I am also going to offer dresses in different colour too.

Its a huge jump for me to make this choice and I am sure I didn't make a wrong one :)

Visit the new website now:

We also got a new official Twitter account @lovelapetit, follow for updated news from LPF.

Thursday, 21 January 2016

♡ New Twitter

♡ Happy New Year! 

Its been a while again since I wrote a blog post, but I have written down several ideas already for this year to produce better and useful blog posts ^^

This year didn't start well as I caught a cold and had a badly cough...

Also, I have made the decision of re-branding La Petite Fille into a more retro/mature/girly/not so pink brand. I basically got bored of making printed dresses and wants to go back to use couture techniques to make dresses. 
Still in progress with the designs but the apparel range will also be launching soon so everything is pretty exciting! 

I will also be designing a new website for LPF because it's getting old and

Had a great time in HK with my lolita friends and took away lots of new ideas, 2016 should be a great year to look forward to~

Today I just started out my new twitter account : crystal_lapetit
My old one was kinda abandoned and I guess I didn't understand it back then
Anyways, fresh new start!