Wednesday, 26 August 2015

♡ After Madame Rococo

♡ Hello World,

It's been 3 days since the closure of reservation for Madame Rococo, time passes very quickly and I am ready to cut all the pieces for sewing all of the pretty dresses and skirts.

Many many people might not understand the cost of materials in UK...It's hell of a lot.
Yet again it had been another tough journey to find the right fabric and realising that there is only one digital fabric company in UK that will do the job.
I hope that explains why a small indie brand like us has a higher price bracket than most Taobao shops in the lolita market.
And not only because of the cost of materials, there is also tax, labour, equipment, shipping etc etc.
But LPF will carry on trying her best to offer high quality and affordable lolita dresses to everyone who loves it.

Through my journey in LPF I am starting to learn that its very difficult to build up a brand and keeping its popularity over time, however I believe that I can do it because I love making dresses so much :)

In the coming weekend I am hoping to make a video on hair style for lolita with no fringe/bangs, fingers crossed I won't mess up the editing :) 


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