Monday, 12 January 2015

♡ Gisele Dress

♡ Hello, 
It's been a while again since the last post on this blog!
But La Petite Fille has been updating classic products in store recently,
look at this beautiful Gisele Dress, it was one of the first product of LPF when it started, and has been my all time favourite.
I tend to match it with a petticoat underneath and a long sleeve tshirt, it gives a cute ballerina look. 
It was hard to find this specific light pink colour of duchess satin fabric, that explains why it has only made a come back this year because I have been looking for it everywhere. 

It's available for order to make in store now:
Choose from UK 8 to 12, if you would like to know if other sizes are available just contact us on
This really could be the last chance to buy it because I would like to make something new this year and theres not much fabric left :) 

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

♡ Ballet Pointe Shoes Necklaces

♡ New Products are updated in store!

These Ballet pointe shoes necklaces are so adorable, I especially made one for myself too and I wear it with most of my pinky pastel outfits. 
The glitters inside sparkles when the light shines on them, and I really love making pearl necklaces these days, I think they are perfect for classy coords and style. 

The Ballet print is almost ready too! Will be showing that in the next few days! So excited~ 

Thursday, 1 January 2015

♡ Happy New Year!

♡ Happy New Year to all La Petite Fille fans!
In 2014  we will be trying to work harder to produce new products, this includes the upcoming print - La Ballerine
So please look forward to our new creations~