Thursday, 2 May 2013

♡ Madame Rococo Photos

♡ It feels so long since my last post! 
At the moment I am pretty busy at revising for exams, so the making for La Petite Fille has slowed down, but it will soon be back on track when all the exams are finished :D
I always wanted to take a proper photoshoot with the Madame Rococo skirt, but sadly the model is not available yet.......

But nevermind, will find someone else soon ^^

There are so many projects I want to do for La Petite Fille, more headdresses and earrings collection, they will be great for summer coordinations~

Don't forget to check out La Petite Fille's official Website! More products will be adding on very soon ^^ : 

The Madame Rococo re-release will be schedule in end of June - Early July, so stay tune on LPF facebook page for more information later on!  

Ah, do you see my new shoes? They are from Dreamv, I will do a mini review of them later ^^ 


  1. I really love that Madame Rococo skirt of yours! :D And your outfit is really cute, haha. ^^

    1. Oh thank you! sorry for such late reply ><

  2. your Madame Rococo and your Ladurée shirt it's the most perfect outfit I could ever imagine! Love your style, Crystal!