Saturday, 13 April 2013

♡ Madame Rococo skirt

♡ Its been a long time since i last wrote a blog post, i wish i had 48 hours a day so i can just keep sewing everyday.
There are lots of new designs on their way, hopefully everything will go smoothly after exam period. (Whisper mode: Hats, hair accessories and a little collection of earrings! ahhhh) 

Anyway, the Madame Rococo skirts were sold out in just three days, i am very pleased and will soon be re-releasing it in summer time. 

Many people asked for a JSK design for it as well so i will be designing it and get some more fabrics printed. But sewing 3 skirts in one week is a complete maximum of what i can do >< it feels a bit boring after you kept repeating doing the same process. 

There are so many things to do for my website and with other works alongside too.....

Just want to finish my exams and concentrate on LPF. 

Also, please check out my friend's blog! I have done a mini interview for their blog and will soon releasing soon!

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