Wednesday, 16 January 2013

♡ Rococo Dream

♡ Always had a fantasy of thinking what happens if you are able to go back to the era where every girl is wearing big puffy beautiful gowns in the 18th century? 

I would love it, totally.  (Though i might skip the corset part, i've tried wearing corset for a whole day and it hurts the rip cage....)

Back to main topic, La Petite Fille is finally going to release the 1st print fabric!
I named it Madame Rococo (fascinating, isn't it?)

Obviously inspired by the Rococo ladies and fashion. 
I always loved the Fashion plates they've had, read a book about them too, it says that some fashion plates will be sprayed with perfume to attract the readers~ 
i wish i could spray on the fabric so it stays fresh and sweet~ 

Whenever you talk about Rococo you simply cannot miss out the Queen of France-Marie Antoinette
I liked the film too, with Milena Canonero's amazing costume designs~ 
In fact i loved the photoshoot they did with Vogue :

For the print, i think i will make a pleated skirt with ruffles of tulle, 
and then a silk top.........
As i dont want it to be overly decorated, kind of want a balance between modern and rococo fashion. or should i say.....i want the design to be able to match with normal casual wear but also be able to turn into a garment where you can wear for a special occasion. 
Perhaps a style similar to Meadham Kirchoff SS13

Hopefully the fabric will arrive at the end of this month, 
i seriously can't wait to receive them (hope the print will be clear too) 



    Do you accept partners blog? I really love your creations and your blog

    1. I would love to do a partner blog ^^ but how do we do it?
      Thank you dear >w<