Monday, 14 January 2013

♡ Carousel horse Fur capelet

♡ Hello everybody!
It has been such a long time since i last posted here on blogger. 
Not being lazy but there are too much works on behalf of my study at Uni. 
A bit late but Happy New year to you all! 
And valentines day is going to come very soon~~

I am excited to show you a little preview of a new product that will be added on to my store! (click the store button at the top of this page and it will directly links you to my storenvy!)

It's a carousel horse lace pinky fur capelet ♡ 

Isn't it so cuteeee
And it is perfect with the petit ange tulle dress that will be restocking later this month, hopefully ^^
Also matching with other lolita coordination and fairy kei or vintage or pastel or.......whatever you can think of :D
Will also be making a light blue version as well ^^ 

It is likely to be coming in store before the end of this month to get ready for the valentines day~ 
There are many other products that will be specially made for february too, so keep checking LPF facebook and tumblr page too! 

I'll try update this blog at least twice a month, i hope my followers are still reading XD 


  1. Ack, so cute!! I'm such a huge fan of your designs, can't wait to see more!

    1. Thank you :D i will be updating more designs when i have free time to post ^^