Saturday, 5 October 2013

♡ Marie Taglioni

♡ La Petite Fille is about to launch a new print, it will be based on the amazing Ballerina who was the first dancer to wear pointe shoes on stage, Marie Taglioni.
Here are some drawings of her that inspired the print.

Hopefully the print will be coming out this month and then the dress will be launching before Xmas! 

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

♡ Ballet

♡ Another long time no post~
August has been the busiest month of the year, but travelling everywhere is fun and gives myself a break from sewing marathon.......

Last week I saw this Monsoon Kids dress and it was love at first sight! 

Feel so lucky that their London store has the biggest size, and I am so glad to be able to fit in it ><
They were having a sale so I bought a long white dress as well,
always hoped that Monsoon could make these pretty dresses in bigger sizes like Next kids do, even adults sometimes love fluffy fairy dresses. When I was little I always wanted to learn Ballet, but for every reason, I never went. I kinda regret it but wearing pointe shoes now makes me quite happy (although they hurt my bones a lot even for just wearing a little while.)

Plans for La Petite Fille, I will be starting to illustrating the new print for new dress next season, which i hope i get time to make them in time because Uni will be another pain to kill. 

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

♡ Candy Shop!

♡ Well.....its been a while since i last made a blog post!
I am so glad that people are still viewing this blog! Thank you~
There has been many work for La Petite Fille recently, especially with the production of Madame Rococo and this summer collection! 

Ta da! Candy Shop!
I am always fascinated by those vintage or retro style candy shops, with all the pastel colourful stripe pattern and the cute candies. 
These skirts are supposedly to look like a Candy Shop girl uniform, so cute~ 

I did a little coordination as well, which i think turned out pretty nice >w< 

Oh dont forget to check out the new Gallery page for this collection too:

I am trying to organise the products into little catalogues (yes so they can look nicer instead of just pasting on the website lol) 

Madame Rococo is in production but one fabric hasn't arrived yet so possible.......delay? 
we'll see.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

♡ Madame Rococo Photos

♡ It feels so long since my last post! 
At the moment I am pretty busy at revising for exams, so the making for La Petite Fille has slowed down, but it will soon be back on track when all the exams are finished :D
I always wanted to take a proper photoshoot with the Madame Rococo skirt, but sadly the model is not available yet.......

But nevermind, will find someone else soon ^^

There are so many projects I want to do for La Petite Fille, more headdresses and earrings collection, they will be great for summer coordinations~

Don't forget to check out La Petite Fille's official Website! More products will be adding on very soon ^^ : 

The Madame Rococo re-release will be schedule in end of June - Early July, so stay tune on LPF facebook page for more information later on!  

Ah, do you see my new shoes? They are from Dreamv, I will do a mini review of them later ^^ 

Saturday, 13 April 2013

♡ Madame Rococo skirt

♡ Its been a long time since i last wrote a blog post, i wish i had 48 hours a day so i can just keep sewing everyday.
There are lots of new designs on their way, hopefully everything will go smoothly after exam period. (Whisper mode: Hats, hair accessories and a little collection of earrings! ahhhh) 

Anyway, the Madame Rococo skirts were sold out in just three days, i am very pleased and will soon be re-releasing it in summer time. 

Many people asked for a JSK design for it as well so i will be designing it and get some more fabrics printed. But sewing 3 skirts in one week is a complete maximum of what i can do >< it feels a bit boring after you kept repeating doing the same process. 

There are so many things to do for my website and with other works alongside too.....

Just want to finish my exams and concentrate on LPF. 

Also, please check out my friend's blog! I have done a mini interview for their blog and will soon releasing soon!

Thursday, 28 February 2013

♡ Classic print

♡ New classic print from La Petite Fille is coming soon in store!
This print has all the hand drawn pieces by myself from the previous products from LPF, such as the Gisele Dress~
Personally i m happy with the colour scheme and the quality of the print has turned out really well on the cotton fabric. 
Here is a design illustration of the two products that will be made with this new print:

I also think the new LPF logo looks very nice, might possibly print the new clothing labels in this style as well. 

I am very exciting to do the makeup bags and coin purses as i think it's always nice to have a pinky pinky make up bag to put everything in, and the print matches with any LPF garments too. 

Hope to start production in the coming Easter holiday, and release online during the same time. 

During the easter holiday i would like to do some tutorials on this blog too, so stay tuned~

LPF website is still under construction as I decided to use another system, and still considering to move the storenvy store to this new website, more news will be announced later on :D

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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

♡ Rococo Dream

♡ Always had a fantasy of thinking what happens if you are able to go back to the era where every girl is wearing big puffy beautiful gowns in the 18th century? 

I would love it, totally.  (Though i might skip the corset part, i've tried wearing corset for a whole day and it hurts the rip cage....)

Back to main topic, La Petite Fille is finally going to release the 1st print fabric!
I named it Madame Rococo (fascinating, isn't it?)

Obviously inspired by the Rococo ladies and fashion. 
I always loved the Fashion plates they've had, read a book about them too, it says that some fashion plates will be sprayed with perfume to attract the readers~ 
i wish i could spray on the fabric so it stays fresh and sweet~ 

Whenever you talk about Rococo you simply cannot miss out the Queen of France-Marie Antoinette
I liked the film too, with Milena Canonero's amazing costume designs~ 
In fact i loved the photoshoot they did with Vogue :

For the print, i think i will make a pleated skirt with ruffles of tulle, 
and then a silk top.........
As i dont want it to be overly decorated, kind of want a balance between modern and rococo fashion. or should i say.....i want the design to be able to match with normal casual wear but also be able to turn into a garment where you can wear for a special occasion. 
Perhaps a style similar to Meadham Kirchoff SS13

Hopefully the fabric will arrive at the end of this month, 
i seriously can't wait to receive them (hope the print will be clear too) 

Monday, 14 January 2013

♡ Carousel horse Fur capelet

♡ Hello everybody!
It has been such a long time since i last posted here on blogger. 
Not being lazy but there are too much works on behalf of my study at Uni. 
A bit late but Happy New year to you all! 
And valentines day is going to come very soon~~

I am excited to show you a little preview of a new product that will be added on to my store! (click the store button at the top of this page and it will directly links you to my storenvy!)

It's a carousel horse lace pinky fur capelet ♡ 

Isn't it so cuteeee
And it is perfect with the petit ange tulle dress that will be restocking later this month, hopefully ^^
Also matching with other lolita coordination and fairy kei or vintage or pastel or.......whatever you can think of :D
Will also be making a light blue version as well ^^ 

It is likely to be coming in store before the end of this month to get ready for the valentines day~ 
There are many other products that will be specially made for february too, so keep checking LPF facebook and tumblr page too! 

I'll try update this blog at least twice a month, i hope my followers are still reading XD