Sunday, 14 October 2012

♡ Teddy Shoes

♡ Got really obsessed with playing Instagram recently, almost forgot to keep blogging every week! 
I am so happy with the new progress of La Petite Fille, hope it will be more popular later on ^^
Still working on making the website, i want it to have something really exciting to show everyone. 

Just bought a cute skirt last week (if you're my FB friend you know where i got it from XD)
Simply adore the print work on it~ So fantasy and girly.
Wish i could do a print like this for LPF too, wondering if i could get some crazy "Alice"-ish ideas by reading fairytale from Viktor & Rolf. <- been a bit lazy on reading, too much coursework ahead T^T

 I miss my TUK teddy bear mary jane shoes, they haven't been worn much. Love them but never thought they turn out to be matching so well with ordinary outfits!
Really got bored from wearing creepers around (I am the girl whos like....if i see something wearing by everyone, i will stop wearing it just because i like to be different.)


  1. that skirt is the loveliest! where can i find it? ohmygoodness, i've seen it on tumblr every where and it's just so pretty!

    1. Its from a thai fashion brand called Sretsis, but the one i m wearing it's a replica coz i can't afford the real one >< It's a very sweet print indeed~