Tuesday, 9 October 2012

♡ Petit Ange Tulle Dress

♡ Heres the new sheer dress for La Petite Fille! I am very proud and exciting to launch the pre-order this coming weekend at my store: http://lapetitefille.storenvy.com/
but first, I want to share with you the designs behind this dress! 

When I first started to think of a new design of sheer dress, i wanted it to be cute and casual but also be able to match with the lolita dresses, sounds complicated doesn't it? 
I liked the organza sheer dress i made in the summer : http://lapetitefille.storenvy.com/products/484224-order-to-make-sheer-dress
Its cute and cool for the cult party kei and fairy kei coords, but i want to make something that can match with more coords. Plus organza design only looks good with the short sleeve, so practically limited for summer.

Anyway, i started to look online and see what i can find, and then i came across with the Sretsis Ayanna Cropped Blouse, it amazed me, its so delicate and fashionable. you can take a look here : http://www.polyvore.com/ayanna_cropped_blouse_sretsis_at/thing?id=29399305
but for £160 for a cropped tulle top....i don't think i will ever pay that much. 
However it gave me the idea of using tulle. It's pretty. 

And i wanted is a dress, not just a top. 

So here comes the initial design: 

I started off as a robe, if you are into cult party kei you'll know why XD 
but then, matching a robe with lolita will look weird, so maybe a dress form will be better:

And heres the final design: 

Just a sudden thought for the wings print on the back, thought it would be nice to have something instead of just blank white. 
This dress has no fastenings, i was going to add a placket at the front but it won't be much help, and will take more time to do so. And a invisible zip on tulle just never looks nice.

I am really happy with the final finished sample, at least better than what i have drawn: 

There are a few changes on it though, the cuffs were too wide so i need to take 2 cm off on the orders, and need to make another sample. Also need to make them 1 or 2 cm longer. 
I managed to top stitch both sleeve seams so they won't show up, which is great. 
But sewing on the tiny ribbons on were such a boring job.....but they makes it beautiful. 
Need to take more photos on this weekend too~ Hopefully the sale will go well. 

♡As for the price.....always a headache for me. 
I remember there was a lovely girl on tumblr kindly asked me how i determine my prices for these clothes. Its a simple business format, Costs + Time. Buying materials in uk is mostly twice the price of what you get in USA, if i live in the US i will be selling these for the half of the prices, but sadly i m not. 
Take the gisele dress for example, i used duchess satin and chiffon which is better quality than those replica dresses you get from camden town for £50. 
I really hope everyone could understand that these pieces are all handmade, from buying fabrics until they are made, all made from scratch, its not an easy job but i enjoy doing it because i feel so happy when i see someone else appreciate my works and wear it out. 


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous! I was looking to making something similar in lilac, but now that I see that you're making them I really want to support your business. =D I've liked your Facebook page, can't wait to see more~

  2. thank you dear :D this dress will be available in lilac too! thank you so much for the support i m really happy ^^