Wednesday, 24 October 2012

♡ Inspiring Designers: Luella Bartley

♡ There has been something i always wanted to do about blogging. I wanted to write and share about designers that i like, those who are inspiring to me.
So here we go........

I first noticed Luella Bartley back in 2010, the spring collection she did with the famous heart cut out dress that is still in trend today in 2012. 
It was very much inspired from the 1960s look, its cute and elegant at the same time. 
And i remember how obsessive i was with the polka dots pattern (maybe i should make another post about this later ^^)

But it's sad to see the brand was forced to close as one of their main suppliers closed.
However, i was very lucky as Luella opened a store in Bicester Village until the closure last year (if i remember well) , so i managed to get 3 pieces from her collection. I loved the quality of the knit wear, and they were sold at a very decent price as they won't have new stocks anymore.

I loved reading her book, 'Luella's Guide to English Style', one of the quotes i loved was "Being English is not about being obvious or sexy-it's about interesting and illogically brilliant.

Indeed, English girls always had their own minds of what to wear today. 

And of course, i love the part where she wrote about Dr.Martens boots. 

Here are some of the designs that i found interesting from her past collections:

SS 2009

Fall 2008
Gotta love the Gothique style

Shoes from Spring 2010

I feel a bit regretful for not getting one of the dresses or skirts that were left in the store.
Well lucky thing is, Luella's clothes are still floating around eBay and some 2nd hand fashion bidding webs. 

One of the best thing for me would be to own a pink gisele bag.....

(All images were taken from the internet)

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