Saturday, 29 September 2012

♡ Spiky socks tutorial

♡ Here comes the first tutorial from La Petite Fille!
we all know spikes and studs are in trend this season so why not decorate a pair of socks with spikes? 

I specially made the tutorial into a image that can be saved onto your computer :D 

 I think it will look very cool on high knee socks too, or to use the spikes make a pattern like cross or heart on your socks, be creative!


  1. Hi, this is a lovely tutorial, recently when i pop into shops i see spikes almost everywhere! It's super cool!!

    Love Emi, your new follower!!

    1. Awww thank you so much, its lovely to have you as follower on my blog on the first day!!!
      i love the spike/studs trend thats going on at the moment, something more unique than the past :D

    2. ^___^

      Yup it's just so awesome and great for self-defense ^^

    3. Self defence XD like kick any perverts out of the way XD