Sunday, 30 September 2012

♡Spikes flatform shoes review

♡ Most girls love heels, so do I. But my feets are rather annoying, i couldn't walk in many high heels even when they have platforms at the front part, so the only choices left for me are kitten heels or these flatforms that i am about to introduce. 
I bought a pair of VW rocking horse ballerina replica from Camden town and they were very comfortable, however it gets boring when you see everyone wearing them, just like how the creepers trend is. I managed to bought a pair of real leather pink creepers before the trend hit the street like madness, but sadly the sole were too heavy for me to walk in, they are still cute but i just wouldn't wear them normally. 

Until i found these on tumblr 2 weeks ago, i saw a photo of these flatforms in a creamy beige colour and i was sure these are the shoes that i need. 

I started google these shoes but it was hopeless. Then I just blindly had a look on eBay by searching 'studs flatforms', and here they are, ta da!
Matches perfectly with my decorated spiky socks- Tutorial here

The price was surprisingly cheap, only £14.99, i was expecting something like over £20. 
I am very glad that they had the gorgeous pink one in size 5 in stock, they also had red, blue, green, cream beige. If i could ever find them in black i will love to get another pair. They are very true to size, i normally wear size 6 for heels but these fit perfectly for me. 

These flatforms are very comfortable to walk in, however it is still quite easy to twist your ankle if you are not careful enough. (Though it will still be better than the Jeffrey Campbell x Wildfox couture ballet shoes- -They are lovely for photoshoot but if you ask me to walk out in them, i will say i need a person standing next to me as my walking stick.) 

Just having a coordination with the La Petite Fille Black Gisele dress. Visit my shop at the top if you would like to order one! 


  1. AMAZING OMG!!! Loving the shoes it's freaking awesome!!!

    The pink colour is just perfect ^^

    Love Emi

    1. Yes pink is perfect, i m so glad they had them!
      love to get a pair in black too~