Saturday, 29 September 2012


♡ This is my very first post on blogspot! 
Ever since i created my own brand La Petite Fille in June i have been thinking about start writing blog, to share my inspirations, fashion news and some tutorials for everyone! 
La Petite Fille is a french words meaning 'the little girl', its a brand based on the childhood memories of my own, turning them into more elegant, girly and romantic garments that can be worn by adults. 
The La Petite Fille homepage is still under progress, and hopefully it will be launching during this month! 
I hope to update this blog every week and share many many great things with you guys! 

If you would like to follow LPF (or me? lol), here are some links: 

♡Instagram: crystal_lapetitefille


  1. I followed your lovely storenvy some time ago when you first started hehe, you have really pretty stuff but yet to find something more suited my taste xD

    Keep up the lovely posts and hope to see you make more pretty creations!!

    Also, yup your products are very elegant but for a person like me I would love more frilly dresses with bows? Haha I just like frills and bows and have a facination with the colour PINK!!

    Have a great day!!

    Love Emi

    1. Thank you so much Emi! There will definitely be more products in pink and frilly style! ^^ and hopefully they will be suitable for you!

    2. Oh that sounds great I can't wait ^^